Korean Peninsula

TV Show: Korean Peninsula (literal title)
Revised romanization: Hanbando
Director: Lee Hyeong-Min
Writer: Yoon Sun-Joo
Network: CSTV
Episodes: 24
Release Date: February 6, 2012
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Set sometime in the near future, South Korea and North Korea's relations have blossomed. The two countries have co-built a development station for methane hydrate off the coast of North Korea. Scientist Seo Myung-Joon (Hwang Jung-Min) from South Korea is in charge of the project and works closely with scientist Lim Jin-Jae (Kim Jung-Eun) from North Korea. Other technicians and researchers from both countries work under them at the development station. 
     During this time, North Korean leader Kim Tae-Sung (Seo Tae-Hwa) visits South Korea for the first time after becoming the North Korean leader. The president of South Korea Kang Dae-Hyun (Lee Soon-Jae) and North Korea leader Kim Tae-Sung watch a game between the inter-Korean team and the Australia team at the preliminary rounds of the World Cup.
Meanwhile, hardliners in North Korea, Jo Kook-Cheol (Jeong Seong-Mo) and the military, carry out a military operation while their leader is in South Korea. The North Korean military relocate near the Korean boarder.
     At the development station, the technicians and scientists work together peacefully, but there is still tension. Lim Jin-Jae receives an order to steal the core technology behind the operation. Min Dong-Ki (Kwak Hee-Sung) pushes her to carry out the order, but Lim Jin-Jae turns down the order. Lim Jin-Jae and Seo Myung-Joon first met 10 years ago and fell in love. They then reunited 2 years ago and discovered that their feelings are not so easy to forget ....

English Subtitle:
Korean Peninsula Episode 01: Download (not-sync) Download (Arigato) Download (Khai)
Korean Peninsula Episode 02: Download (not-sync) Download (Arigato) Download (Shin)
Korean Peninsula Episode 03: Download (Khai)
Korean Peninsula Episode 04: Download (Khai)
Korean Peninsula Episode 05: Download (not-sync) Download (Khai)
Korean Peninsula Episode 06: Download (not-sync) Download (Khai)
Korean Peninsula Episode 07: Download (Khai)
Korean Peninsula Episode 08: Download (Khai)
Korean Peninsula Episode 09: Download (KaRot)
Korean Peninsula Episode 10: Download (Khai), Download (Arigato)
Korean Peninsula Episode 11: Download (Khai) Download (Not-Sync), 
Korean Peninsula Episode 12: Download (Khai) Download (Not-Sync)
Korean Peninsula Episode 13: Download (Khai) Download (Not-Sync)
Korean Peninsula Episode 14: Download (Khai) Download (Not-Sync)
Korean Peninsula Episode 15: Download (Khai)
Korean Peninsula Episode 16: Download (Khai)
Korean Peninsula Episode 17: Download (Khai) Download ((Not-Sync))
Korean Peninsula Episode 18: Download (Khai)

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naz election said...

is it not possible to have korean peninsula sub for ep 4?

amarz said...

Korean Peninsula Ep4 updated...

naz election said...

yeah thank you so much!!

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why ep 9 not have khai ver. sub???? i try to play with karot sub but timing is not same.....
does anyone have khai ver sub????

com_news said...

ep9 khai here http://www.krdrama.org/korean-peninsula-hanbando

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Anyone knows where I can find the ARIGATO subs?!

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May I know why is the Ep 16 link disappear?

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