Bachelor's Vegetable Store

    Title: 총각네 야채가게 / Chonggakne Yachaegage
    Genre: TBA
    Episodes: 24
    Broadcast network: Channel A
    Broadcast period: 2011-Dec-21 to 2012-???-??
    Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:20

The true story of a young man who turned a tiny vegetable store into a nationwide franchise. --Dramabeans 

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English Subtitle
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 01-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 02-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 03-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 04-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 05-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 06-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 07-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 08-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 09-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 10-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 11-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 12-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 13-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 14-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 15-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 16-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 17-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 18-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 19-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 20-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 21-Download (WITH)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 22-Download (WITH)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 23-Download (Khai)
Bachelor's Vegetable Store Episode 24-Download (Khai)

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Sher said...

Hi, can pls reupload the subs for episodes 9 and 13 (Khai). Thanks so much.

LONE said...

Thanks for the subs! But Ep18 subs are out of Sync

이명대 said...

Hi, can u please reupload sub for ep 17 & 18... seem the file deleted... Thank You... =)

amarz said...

Episode 17 and 18 fixed, for others episode you need to
1.copy the adf.ly link
2.click the adf.ly logo on the upper-right corner
3.paste the link and click PARSE
4.click the green arrow when it appear and save your download

LONE said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks a billion!

Mandarinada said...

Thank you!! Do you know why there's a sub for episode 20 but not for 19? XD

amarz said...

Second Option for download Problem?

If you can't download after clicking 'Skip Ad', then try this step:
1. Right-click the 'Skip Ad' and choose 'Copy Link Location'
2. Then paste into the address bar and click enter.
That's it ^^ (Firefox browser recommended)

(Thanks To Chi)

Eru_Hajaru said...

please can u upload 19 subs !!!! thanks you !

ohayo said...

ep19 please!!!

Mr A said...

why ep19 is not available?

Anonymous said...

why eps 19 not available ???? pleaseee share the sub for eps 19

Anonymous said...

the sub khai ver of eps 18 not sync ne

amarz said...

episode 18 try taple version,

Marshall said...

halo asiasub
link 18 & 20 can't download.
Please re-upload again

thank u

Anonymous said...

Subtitle can not be downloaded fr ep 07 to ep 16.
Message "Oops! An unexpected error (385) has occurred" appears in mediafire

Anonymous said...

@amarz what is taple version ???

amarz said...

@iq101- please follow guideline here http://asiasub.blogspot.com/p/j-movie.html

amarz said...

@yufen18- in korean drama we have so many version available, eg. khai,hanrel,arigato.. taple is one of the version. the drama still same as original but the starting of the video and commercial break may different.

asteh15 said...

Hi, is it still possible to reupload subtitle 11-16? :) Thank you. I just found out about this site.

Anonymous said...

@amrz ahh... and where i can find the taple sub ver ne, can tell me

Hitomi Dan said...

I can't download subtitle for episode 14. Could you reupload the link, please?

Grace said...

Episode 6 subtitles, please, please, please ?

amarz said...

Episode 6 fixed but i replaced with Khai..

kai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bond said...

Ep 1 - 5 files are deleted. Can you upload them again, please? Thank you so much.

sarabum said...

yayyyy finally found subs for this but some raw versions i found are different from the ones you have for the subs, is there a way to change it so it plays in synch ??

thank you so much for the subs

sarabum said...

forget about that last comment i found the matching versions, but could you do as @bond said and reupload from 1-5 ??


CD said...

Hello anyone have the E06 ArigaTo srt and the E18 720p taple srt? this blog dont have it.

And anyone can help reupload the E01-05 srt? Please thank you.

Tkah Sirat said...

somebody fix it please.. all the subs.. thanks a lot..

amarz said...

Episode 1-5 fixed

sarabum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KinG said...

ep6 seem to be broken

sarabum said...

i'm pretty sure the subs from 1-5 are not for khai, i downloaded khai and there's at least a 3 seconds different in the 1st line of episode 2.
i'm not trying to diss the subbing team work, i respect them A LOT but it drives me crazy not having the subs on time =(

Anonymous said...

hi, what should i do if the drama not sync with sub? .. sub comes earlier than the drama.

Adelia Christi said...

hi, just wanna say that you're link for sub eror. can you give me a new link for subtitle??? thanks b4. :)

C_car said...

can anyone re-upload the subtitles please :D

Adelia Christi said...

thanks :)

I Love KDrama said...

Can anyone please re-upload subtitles for 23 and 24 please...

peekaboosky said...

can you please re-upload subtitles 21, 22, 23, and 24, please??

SnapOut said...

can u pls re-upload subtitle... i cant find it anywhere... really need it pls... ty

[~r@n~] said...

can you please reupload the subs..i dont see this sub anywhere else than this web..tqvm!!..

HKMMY' said...

can you please reupload the subs? this is the only site that's available and the links aren't working :/


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